Friday, April 24, 2009

bored as a penguin in the desert

that's how bored I am. It's 1:06 AM right now and there's nothing to do. I'm watching GEORGE LOPEZ on NICK @ NITE at the moment. So, how many of you have heard ASHLEY TISDALE'S new single ITS ALRIGHT ITS OKAY? Oh my gosh, I love it! I already have it down word for word. It's amazing. She's really come a long way. I'm so proud of her. She has amazing success. Would you believe her manager BILL PERLMAN discovered her at the MONMOUTH MALL in NEW JERSEY? She was just three years old, being pushed around in a carriage by her mother. Her story's really quite amazing. And, she's the only celebrity ever discovered that way, believe me lol. Alrighty. Well, I guess there's nothing else to say. Oh! The batteries in my camera died, so I can't post those pictures I promised just yet. I'll get them up sooner or later, though.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


so I'm at my Aunt Shawnna's house and I brought the camera, extra batteries, and I even have my memory card in there... Of course, I kind of need the memory card to hold the pictures so that's a definite given. But, the one thing that I forgot that I needed is my USB cord. It was sitting right in front of me on my desk at home and like an idiot, I forget that it's there. I was pretty heated at the time, though. I lost a game to my NINTENDO DS and my cousin Hunter was the last to play with it (even though I told him not to) so I assumed he did something with it. My mom found it stuffed in a cushion about thirty minutes ago though, so it's all good. But yeah, I don't have the pictures I promised because I forgot the stupid USB. So, I'll post the pictures sometime this weekend or next week; whenever I get home.

the kids had a ton of fun. Something really funny happened, though. My cousin Shelina's little boy Dustin apparently had to go potty really, really bad so he drops his pants and pees in front of God and everyone on the lawn. It was pretty funny and my mom got a picture of it, but that won't be posted. My cousins Jaden and Paxon got into it. Jaden is six and Paxon's four, so you know those ages. Jaden came running over to my cousin Becky (his mom) and he said "Paxon's being mean to me!" and he was crying, absolutely heartbroken. I felt so sorry for him. Paxon came running over and he said "He's lying!" and Jaden responded with "You're lying!" and after Becky and Alisa (Paxon's mom) got them calmed down, they sorted it out, but Jaden put in one last "But I wasn't lying, it was Paxon." Paxon started trouble again, because my cousin Leilani ran over to my cousin Tracy (her mom) and said "Paxon's being mean to us!" 'Us' is all the girls. So, Tracy says "You tell Paxon I said to be nice to you guys" and Paxon ran over and said "I wasn't being mean, it was just Lani being mean!"

so I had a pretty good day. Dustin was the highlight of my day, though. I'll never forget that.

happy easter!

happy Easter everyone! I just wanted to show you a couple pictures of the eggs the kids (including Sandra and myself) did. I think they turned out great! I had a little too much fun with mine, with "Team Edward". I'm not a huge Twilight fan, but it's worthy enough to be proud of the vampire team, lol. Anyways, I'm going to my Aunt Dana's house for an Easter party, so I'll be posting more pictures later on, if I remember. Here's the pictures of the eggs.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

birthday party fun!

today was my cousin Mariska's birthday party (her actual birthday isn't until April 9th). It was fun, even though all I did was sit at a table and watch the kids play. There were a few kids (including Lexie, Bubba, and Bug) that got hurt, but they'll live. I told them not to wrestle and they did it anyways, so that's what they get; karma. Anyways, I'll let you in on a few things. 1. The kids had a blast in the bounce house. 2. Mariska doesn't care about anything unless it's toys. 3. Lexie's friend is amazing on GUITAR HERO, expert level. I mean, seriously; the girl should be in the world records. She hardly missed anything. Anyways, here's a few pictures from the party.

lexie almost fell out of the bounce house and I snapped this picture just in time. Don't worry; she didn't really fall.willow had tons of fun in the jumper and she even played with the big kids.this is one of Mariska's toys and she LOVED it.see the airborn card? Mariska wanted what was in the box.willow gave me a cute grin when we got to the party.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

yawn, stretch, sigh...

it's been so boring here... I have nothing to do all day. Right now, Lexie is playing GUITAR HERO with our cousin Josh. She's only nine years old and she's winning. He'll be eighteen on April 9th, so happy early birthday, Josh! I don't care too much about the song they're playing so I'm not paying attention to it. They're playing BLACK MAGIC WOMAN and it's a prett boring song... To me anyways.

i have some new favorite songs. PICTURES OF YOU by THE LAST GOOD NIGHT, ABOUT YOU NOW by MIRANDA COSGROVE, and IF I COULD HAVE YOU BACK by ALY AND AJ. They're great songs, really. I have a few favorite shows, too. WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE, TRUE JACKSON VP, ICARLY, and THE SUITE LIFE ON DECK. Wizards and Suite Life are on the DISNEY CHANNEL and iCarly and True Jackson are on NICKELODEON. I know that's pretty kiddish, but I really don't have anything to do during the day, so...

my mom cut my hair a few days ago. It looks really good, to me. People think it's too short, but I've had it shorter before and they said it looked good. So, it makes me think that they just said it looked good so they wouldn't hurt my feelings. Really, I could care less what people think. It's my hair, so it's my choice. Alright... Well, there's nothing else to say. So, I'll blog later... See ya.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


so, my best friend is like in love with this band member. He's uber cute, so it's typical for any girl to fall for him. Until they hear what he did. =] see, my friend LOVES him. And she lost some (if not all) respect for him because he completely lied to her face. Facebook, that is... Anyways, BFF had Mystery Man on her Facebook friends list for a while. But, Mystery Man deleted her, so BFF added him again.

she messaged him after a while of being rejected, and asked if she did anything to upset him and Mystery Man replied to her with "I'm only accepting close friends and family right now." well, that's acceptable to me and BFF... Only, Mystery Man lied to her. He has one of our friends on his friends, and he doesn't know her at all, personally. So, BFF had a plan. And it just proved that Mystery Man is pretty insensitive and a bit of a jerk for lying to her. bFF made a new Facebook account with a really, really attractive girl as her default.

she sent Mystery Man a friend request. And guess what Mystery Man did? HE ACCEPTED IT! Yeah, so much for "I'm only accepting friends and family." BFF told me about this, and this blog is pretty much payback to make Mystery Man feel bad about what he did. If if doesn't work, then he really needs to worry about his reputation later on in his career--if he every gets one that's recognizable.

so, even though I know Mystery Man probably isn't reading this, I'm still going to say it, because there's probably a chance that he might be reading it. This is my message to him:



we went out to Taft to visit my grandparents because they'd never seen the baby before. My cousin Shelina came over to my house to take me home from staying the night at her place about a week ago. I don't have a lot to say, but here's the pictures.

he loved meeting Shelina.this is me, my cousin Shawna (her gallbladder surgery went great, by the way), and Hailee.hailee, being a cutie. As always.